When you might need an emergency electrician in Wandsworth

Take a look at our emergency electrician services

Unfortunately, there may be occasions where you require an emergency electrician in Wandsworth, but let us assure you that Wired & Wonderful are here for you when this moment comes.

Wired & Wonderful are a professional and experienced team with the capability to support both domestic and commercial clients as an emergency electrician in Wandsworth, working on a variety of large and small projects for our clients.

Emergency electrician services in Wandsworth include:

  • Power failures for businesses and homes – whether you’re aware of the reason or require us to diagnose it, give us a call and don’t attempt to find faults without a professional emergency electrician in Wandsworth.
  • Blown fuses – for small electrical appliances that require urgent attention or large industrial equipment that is critical to business operations, we’re there for you.
  • Sparking – a sure fire way to know that something is not right with your electrical equipment, if it’s safe to turn your electric off whilst we arrive, we recommend doing so.
  • Storm damage – the winter months can be brutal to our homes, gardens and businesses and storm damage can often come at a cost. Get back and running by hiring us as your emergency electrician in Wandsworth.
  • Alarm disconnection – keep your insurance valid by getting your alarm back online quickly.
  • Suspicious electrical burning smells – our team are professional enough to help you identify the problem and promptly fix it for you.

As with most electrical works, our primary concern is the safety of our customers and we’ll always recommend having us on speed dial to help out when you need us most.

Wired and Wonderful are a team of talented electricians in Wandsworth with a portfolio of both domestic and commercial properties. Read more about our services here.

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