Renewable Energy Services

Wired and Wonderful has always been at the forefront of the electrical industry

To ensure we can provide the best possible service to our customers and be constantly evolving as a company, therefore we have added a specialist renewable arm to our services.

Solar panels and battery storage systems have been around for a little while

Recently have become much more affordably priced and increasingly more efficient, the benefits of these systems can seem obvious but the extent to which they can greatly reduce energy bills and insulate the homeowners from price rises and unpredictability in the energy market is often unknown!

With energy providers like Octopus and OVO now providing flexible tariffs of all kinds, customers with smart energy and renewable systems can take advantage of this to great effect.

  • Charging battery storage systems at selected times – typically during the middle of the night at much cheaper rates than peak rates – is a fantastic way to greatly reduce costs.
  • Additionally when paired with a solar panel array the batteries can then also be charged by the free energy produced by the solar panels, further reducing costs by up to 80%!
  • Certain battery storage systems can also be equipped with EPS systems which will allow you to use any remaining charge in the battery from a dedicated outlet provided by the battery, which can be an excellent way to keep some essential small load items running in the event of a power cut.
  • Any surplus additional energy that has been generated can also be diverted into heating systems before it would be diverted back to the supply network.

With the technology constantly evolving, this has also provided new product options to make the solar installations much more aesthetically pleasing with in-roof solar panel systems, which can sometimes make the costs of roof retiling cheaper than if using some slate tiles!

Also equipment like ‘solar skirts’  which are a small trim that sits on the edge of the solar panel to give a much more discrete/integrated feel.

We are registered installers of all ‘Myenergi’ Electric vehicle charge points. Find out more here.

Renewable Energy Services

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