Electric car charger installation at home

The future of cars is electric – Electric Charging at home

EV Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are widely recognised as the greener option when compared with petrol or diesel.

 Fully electric vehicles omit zero tailpipe emissions. Where there are less emissions, there are less greenhouse gasses. As such, electric vehicles are heralded as the future and already seen on the roads, helping the UK to move to a more sustainable future.

As electric vehicles steadily increase in popularity, Wired and Wonderful offer the convenience of electric car charging at home.

Why you need electric charging at home

You might have seen public electric charging points at service stations, supermarkets or public car parks. However, we can offer you electric charging at home. Electric charging at home is the best option for electric vehicles.

Cheaper to operate and more convenient, install electric charging at home for your electric vehicle. Electric home charging enables you to be ever ready for your next drive. It is also very easy to manage and view how much energy you are using at any given moment via apps you can view on your devices.

Benefits of our service

  • Highly trained and experienced electricians who have expert knowledge in electric vehicles
  • We are OLEV registered. We can organise a £350 grant from the government for the client, to cover the costs of the car charger installation
  • Registered installers with ‘Myenergi’, a top UK based manufacturer who make super smart market leading charging units.
  • Our charging units can use electricity over-night – this saves you money and is convenient
  • Friendly and reliable service
  • Full health and safety compliance
  • Family run business
  • Services for commercial and domestic clients

What to expect on installation day

We make electric home charging easy. With us, your electric vehicle charging point installation can be hassle-free.

  1. Our expert installer will confirm an arrival time with you for your installation
  2. We will help you to decide where to position your charging point based on how you park your car and where your power supply is
  3. Our installer will position and fix your charger, briefly turning off the power supply whilst they do so
  4. Our installer will then carry out important safety checks to ensure your electric home charger is ready to be used
  5. We will give you a thorough demonstration for using your charger and give you the opportunity to ask any questions
  6. We will need your WIFI password in order to connect your home charger to your network for App based energy usage information

In total, the average electric home charging point would be installed within 1 working day.

Types of vehicle charging points

Rapid, fast or slow.

These are the three main options for electric charging. In general, home electric charging tends to be fast. This means that the charger we install can charge most vehicles from 0-100% in around 6 hours. This makes it perfect to charge your vehicle overnight, ready for use the next day.

Rapid chargers are mostly found at service stations/ supermarkets, so that you can quickly charge up ready for the rest of your journey.

Electric charging at home

Cost-effective and convenient

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are the sustainable option for driving. As the UK races to electric cars, you can be ready with our electric charging at home.

Electric charging at home is as easy as charging your phone. Once installed, your electric charger is ready to be used. Rather than charging whilst you’re on the go, you can charge your vehicle overnight. Charging overnight can also save you money as tariffs are cheaper. There’s no searching for the nearest public charging point when you’ve got your own charging point on your doorstep. Fast charging is the standard for home charging of electric vehicles and can charge most vehicles from 0-100% in around 6 hours.

With our electric home charging, you can always be ready for the road.

Save on your energy costs

Reduce energy bills and insulate yourself from price rises and unpredictability in the energy market!