Fuse Board Upgrades

Modern fuseboards save lives !

Having a modern consumer unit (fuseboard) installed in your property will make a huge difference to the safety of your home or business and is also far easier to use. A modern consumer unit is also capable of picking up on earth leaks and faults and will then alert you to the issue. If for example you were using a faulty iron, a modern RCD (Residual Current Device) fuseboard would trip the fuse and protect you from the fault, whereas an older one is not able to do this.

As you know, accidents can happen at home due to things like faulty appliances or drilling through a cable, having an RCD (residual current device) safety device will make a HUGE difference. This limits any fault currents to safe levels and is designed to activate within milliseconds to safely disconnect the circuit. The modern consumer units we install have full RCD protection for your peace of mind.

When planning a rewire, we will advise you on recommended positions for sockets, general purpose lighting, TV points, telephone points, shaver sockets, extractor fans, underfloor heating, bedside lighting and .Our proper planning makes the most of your home, no need for messy and unsightly extension leads!

We are also able to provide a full electrical installation for all domestic, commercial & industrial premises.