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Wired and Wonderful has always been at the forefront of the electrical industry and to ensure that we can provide the best possible services to our customers we have added a specialist renewable arm to our services, including solar panel installation.

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Beat energy costs

With rising energy costs, you may be considering solar panels. As specialist solar panel installers London we can help you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your home or business.

Affordable and efficient

Solar panels have been around for a little while but have recently become much more affordably priced and increasingly more efficient. Plus new solar installations are also VAT exempt to make installation costs that bit more affordable.

Fully Qualified solar panel installers, London

All of our install teams are fully qualified in solar installation with qualifications awarded by BPEC the governing body, our teams also regularly undergo training and seminars from manufacturers of the products that we install to ensure we get the best efficiency possible out of the systems we install for our customers.

No longer the eyesore of old!

With technology constantly evolving, this has also provided new product options to make the solar installations much more aesthetically pleasing – with in-roof solar panel systems, which can sometimes make the costs of roof retiling cheaper than if using some slate tiles! Also equipment like ‘solar skirts’  which are a small trim that sits on the edge of the solar panel to give a much more discrete/integrated feel.


Wired and Wonderful are a team of fully qualified solar panel installers in London with a portfolio of both domestic and commercial properties. Read more about our services here.

solar panel installers london

As specialist solar panel installers, London we’re proud of the wonderful client praise we have received at Wired and Wonderful, you can read more of our 5 star reviews below.

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