EV home charger installation

Step-by-step process of EV home charger installation

Embracing the future of mobility

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, having a reliable EV home charger installation is more crucial than ever. Wired and Wonderful is here to guide you through the seamless process of installing an EV home charger, ensuring that your transition to electric vehicle ownership is smooth and hassle-free.

Introduction to EV Home Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent the next step in automotive technology, offering a cleaner, more efficient way to travel. With our expertise in EV charger installation, we ensure that your electric vehicle is always charged and ready to go, providing you with convenience and peace of mind.

Why Choose Wired and Wonderful?

As registered installers of ‘Myenergi’ Electric vehicle charge points, Wired and Wonderful brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your EV charger installation. Our team is constantly trained and updated on the latest in EV charging technology, ensuring a high-quality installation that meets all safety standards.

The Installation Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

  1. Contact and Consultation: Reach out to us, and we’ll set up an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and preferences for EV charger installation.
  2. Site Assessment: Our skilled technicians will visit your home to assess the installation site, ensuring it meets the necessary requirements for a safe and efficient setup.

Planning and Design

  1. Customised Planning: Based on the assessment, we’ll provide a tailored plan for your EV charger installation, considering factors like charger location, type of charger, and electrical capacity.
  2. Design Approval: We’ll present you with a detailed design and layout of the installation for your approval, ensuring it aligns with your expectations and requirements.

Installation and Setup

  1. Professional Installation: Our certified electricians will carry out the installation, adhering to the highest standards of safety and workmanship.
  2. System Configuration: After installation, we’ll configure the charger system, integrating it with your home’s electrical network and ensuring optimal performance.

Testing and Demonstration

  1. Comprehensive Testing: Post-installation, we conduct thorough testing to ensure the charger operates safely and efficiently.
  2. Demonstration and Guidance: We’ll provide a complete demonstration of how to use your new EV charger and offer guidance on its features and maintenance.

Aftercare and Support

  1. Follow-Up Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the installation. We offer ongoing support and advice to ensure your EV charging experience is seamless.
  2. Warranty and Maintenance: Your EV charger installation comes with a warranty, and we provide maintenance services to keep your charger in top condition.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is our top priority. Our EV charger installations comply with all relevant regulations and standards, ensuring that your charger is not only efficient but also safe for long-term use.

Environmental Impact

By choosing an EV charger installation, you’re making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions and supporting environmental sustainability. We’re proud to be part of this green revolution, providing solutions that are good for you and the planet.

Visit our website now to discover our comprehensive range of services. From bespoke solar panel installations to advanced battery storage solutions, Wired and Wonderful offers everything you need to transform your home or business into a model of efficiency and sustainability.

Take the Leap into a Greener Tomorrow

With solar energy, the sky isn’t the limit—it’s just the beginning. We invite you to join us on this journey towards creating a world where clean energy is the norm, not the exception. Wired and Wonderful is more than just a service provider; we’re your partners in building a sustainable legacy.

Take a look at some wonderful client praise for our work at Wired and Wonderful. You can read more of our 5 star reviews below.

Raj Patel
Raj Patel
I have recently had a 10 panel, 10KW battery PV system installed by Wired and Wonderful (UK) Limited - a company very ably led by Robert Mackinlay. Although I had done a fair amount of research on the subject, I found that there were many gaps in my knowledge. Robert was so patient in explaining various options and didn’t hesitate to steer me away from making wrong decisions about system choices. From then on to the stage of supplying drawings for planning permission, clear quotes and later on an offer of precise timetable for installation was very professionally managed by Robert. Before the day of installation, a team of very polite scaffolders arrived and installed the necessary scaffolding in a matter of hours. They were very helpful and indeed acceded to requests for gutter cleaning etc. I can see that Robert has taken care to select his sub-contractors who are not only professionally competent but also polite and helpful. On the day of installation Robert and his team arrived at 07:30 and got straight to work. Two days later I had a fully functioning system. Not only that but within a few hours all of the regulatory paper work was cleared and I was able to register with the energy supplier to come off their standard variable tariff to that suitable for Solar Panels. I did not realise how much regulatory stuff that Robert has to deal with and the many agencies involved in the process. All that was done with no failures and with the requisite precision. I had expected weeks for the installation and days for follow up processes with energy supplier. From the point Robert’s van pulled up my drive to me being on the correct solar panel tariff with my energy supplier the total time taken was just under three days. That is indeed notable. All work was done to ahigh standard and no mess left behind. Robert did not shy away from wielding the broom himself. Throughout this period Robert explained each stage and constantly reassured me that all was going well. His work finished by his sending me a video of my roof panels so that I can see from the comfort of my arm chair all that has been done. This was followed by a pdf of the regulatory paper work all of which was also sent by mail. Robert left me with a feeling of high confidence that I was dealing with a professionally competent person who will not let me down. All in all, I do not hesitate at all in recommending Robert and his Wired and Wonderful team for Solar Panel installation work.
Emma Clayton
Emma Clayton
Very helpful team at wired and wonderful. Communication great. Fitted a home charge point for my electric van. Thanks so much. Emma and Debbie.
Sian B
Sian B
These guys created my garden lighting and gave me great advice on what would work best to achieve the look I wanted. They were responsive, well-organised and timely. The other thing that struck me was the neat and tidy nature of their work leaving an overall high quality impression. Highly recommend.
Angela Botha
Angela Botha
I cannot recommend these guys enough. Good solid work ethic and can do attitude. They totally came up with a plan when they ran into a problem while redoing my electrics for my studio. 5 stars. I wanted to add an update to this review. A month on, I had an issue with some of the lighting in my studio and emailed Rob. Within a week, a plan was made and the lighting was sorted, no charge. This is service, if you're still on the fence wondering if you should hire Rob and his team. Just go ahead and call them. You will not be sorry.
Lisa Sertin
Lisa Sertin
The service provided by the team was competitive in pricing, professional, courteous and worth all five stars I have given them!
Jonathan Kemp
Jonathan Kemp
Having worked as a landscaper in London for over 25 years, I have used many electricians. I can honestly say Wired & Wonderful are the best I have worked with. They consistently give me complete peace of mind on every job and it's always a pleasure to introduce them to my clients.
Simon Ware
Simon Ware
We recently used Rob and team for a compete rewire, data points, new lights and sockets for our house renovation. He was professional, friendly, flexible and responsive at all times and so were his team. He gave us advice and options on technical aspects, aesthetics and suppliers based on his experience. Was a pleasure working with Rob, he is an honest, lovely guy, with an eye for detail. Highly Recommended!
Annie Lynch
Annie Lynch
I am very happy to leave a very positive review for Wired and Wonderful. I've worked with Wired and Wonderful for approx. 15 years and have always found them very knowledgeable and when assessing works will send links with recommendations on fittings which is very helpful when explaining to landlords. As well as being obliging they are also very prompt on time keeping which is very useful when organizing appointments with busy tenants. Anne
Joe Ruston
Joe Ruston
I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer and have used Wired and Wonderful on a number of domestic projects and specified them for work in a local park. I have also recommended them to a number of friends, all of whom have been very happy with their work. The W&W team are smart , puntual and very professional. They do the job when they say they will, finsih on time and leave the site tidy and clean. Their pricing is competitive and well worth the peace of mind that comes from an electrical installation well done. I am happy to give a reference over the phone to anyone who would like more information about the company. Ask Rob at W&W to give you my number.
Scarlett Mitcheson
Scarlett Mitcheson
Rob and his team are a great team of electricians - we use them very regularly and the work is to a high standard and well priced. The team are also really super to deal with - highly recommended

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