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The importance of electrical safety certificates, Wimbledon

Things to consider with your electrical safety certificates in Wimbledon

Obtaining electrical safety certificates in Wimbledon are simple with the help of Wired and Wonderful.

What is an electrical safety certificate?

Like everything within a building, electrical installations will deteriorate over time and should be inspected every 3-5 years, this is particularly important for three main groups of people:

  1. Home owners – for ongoing maintenance works or if you plan to sell your home
  2. Private landlords – for the safety of their tenants
  3. Tenants – who should seek a copy of the certificate before agreeing to rent a property


When should you seek electrical safety certificates in Wimbledon?

There are a few varying instances when you will require a certificate, though the rules between England and Wales can differ:

  1. A new circuit has been installed
  2. A fuse box or consumer unit has been replaced
  3. An existing circuit has been added or altered in a room containing water
  4. An existing circuit has been added or altered
  5. Condition checking for deterioration

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