How does a home rewire work?


Whether you’re researching the cost to rewire a house or you’re considering a home rewire, it can be a daunting experience without getting to grips with the facts.

In our latest blog, we help you to understand just what it takes for a full house rewire and how we can support you with rewiring works.

What is a home rewire?

A home rewire replaces all of the wiring and upgrading equipment to power your appliances and lighting. Over time, homes require a system and wiring replacement, it’s usually advised to do this every 25 years or so for your electrics to remain safe.

How much does it cost to rewire a house?

Prices will vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • How old your current electrical system is
  • How large or small your home is
  • How many appliances and how much lighting you need power for
  • The amount of access we have to the current electrical system

Our pricing starts from £6k for a small house with a low specification, but it’s best to contact us for an accurate and personalised quotation.

How long does a full house rewire take?

Again, the size of the project will usually determine the time it takes for rewiring completion but electrical works alone can take between 1-3 days.

Will rewiring be disruptive to my home?

In most cases, electrical wiring is done through the walls in your home, so we will need to break down some of them in order to access existing wires. We also provide a ‘making good’ service including plastering and decoration so that your home looks as good as new on completion.

Will I lose power to my home during rewiring?

Yes, a full house rewire will require your power to be turned off during the project, but our work is efficient so that we get you back up and running as soon as possible. Temporary power supplies can also be provided in the interim if you plan to remain in the property during the works.

Can I remain in my home during the rewiring works?

We’d recommend for safety reasons that you vacate your home during the rewiring project, particularly for a full house rewire. We will ensure you’re kept up to date with progress so you can move back in just as soon as possible.

Tell me about the Wired and Wonderful rewiring service

Our team of electricians are specialists who are professional and fully qualified in all aspects of electrical works for both commercial and residential clients. Our rewiring projects are usually completed in shorter timeframes compared to our competitors and we’re proud to offer a full service to include post rewiring fixes and decoration.

What sort of clients can you help with rewiring?

Not only do we work with residential clients on a full house rewire, but we have worked with a number of local businesses on their rewiring projects including:

  • Medical practices
  • Schools
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Office spaces

And many other commercial properties in our local community.

A home rewire doesn’t have to be as stressful or as expensive as you first thought. We’re really happy to discuss the process with our customers in more detail before being instructed on the work. For more information on our rewiring service at Wired & Wonderful, you can take a look here. Or if you’re ready to ask us to provide a quotation, we look forward to hearing from you.