How LED lighting can complement your home


LED lighting is a new firm favourite for many households because they are long-lasting and energy efficient, saving you money whilst being kinder to our planet.

Whilst LED lighting is a practical solution for your home or business, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of how it looks to create maximum style.

In our latest blog, we consider lighting fixtures, colours and tones as well as placement to ensure your light installations look the part.

Back-lit glass

Modern light installations can really add a touch of class to your home, particularly in the kitchen where you use lots of glass. Your LED lighting can be coloured to illuminate your space effectively. From lighting up display cabinets to some nifty glass dining table solutions, opportunities are endless.

LED lighting strips

Whether it’s behind a vanity mirror or to create more light underneath kitchen cupboards so you can see what you’re chopping, LED lighting stips can offer practicality as well as enhance the mood in your rooms, with a stylish finish.

Feature the details

Whether interior or exterior, your home will have lots of stunning details that you’ve curated, put them in the limelight and set a fresh tone, picking out the features you want to highlight using light installations.

Select the right colours

LED lighting comes in an array of colours ranging from soft white, warm white, bright white and then the colours of the rainbow. With traditional coloured light installations for the home, it’s important to consider if you want your LED lighting to be of a yellow or white tone, creating a warmer or cooler environment, respectively.

Make it cosy

Did you know you can dim LED lighting? Dimmers can make your light installations more comfortable for setting the mood in the evenings as well adjusting your light energy efficiency by reducing the output. Ticking more than one box.

Lighting your outdoor space

If the party is just getting started in your garden and you’re not quite ready for bed, adding LED lighting to your outdoor space can not only create the right atmosphere but extend the floor space of your home during the summer months for your family and your guests.

Use smart features

Nifty voice commands and linking apps on your phone can allow you to control LED lighting in your homes. It’s becoming more and more commonplace to be able to control this whilst at home or remotely. Implementing routines and timers, motion sensors and a variety of automations. This all adds up to huge efficiency benefits and makes your home more secure.

Whatever your lighting installations requirements, Wired & Wonderful can help. From design to installation and energy efficiency advice, we offer a full service to both domestic and commercial clients. Large or small projects, we can ensure your LED lighting completes the look and feel of your space. Find out more about our services and take a look at our most recent work.