How to achieve luxury garden lighting for the Autumn


September has arrived almost out of nowhere and with it, we are already seeing darker evenings as the sun begins to set on the Summer months. This is the perfect opportunity to create a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor spaces with the use of garden lighting.

Wired and Wonderful are your local electrician service based in South West London, having completed a number of projects for garden lighting in Wimbledon. We’ve reviewed some of the most common questions we are asked by clients and have popped them in our latest blog post for you to learn more about your garden lighting options.

What sort of garden lighting should I opt for?

Low voltage lighting is usually best for garden lighting to ensure safety; just because it’s low voltage doesn’t mean it impacts the style! As for the style of fittings, the options are endless… from mounted garden lights to spike spots to LED strips beneath steps – we’re happy to make a recommendation for your garden lighting depending on the desired outcome. Take a look at this garden lighting in Wimbledon for some inspiration.

Where should I position my garden lighting?

Our initial suggestion is to consider lighting any steps, paths or access areas of your garden. Not only can this look extremely smart, it can also ensure safety if you plan to use your garden in the evenings. You then might like to consider highlighting some of your garden features, such as trees (they look glorious with a bit of up lighting), sculptures, swimming pools or water features. A lot of discussion around positioning of garden lights will depend on how you plan to use your space so we will work with you to create the perfect solution.

At what stage of my project should I plan for garden lighting?

If you are at the beginning of a garden redesign project, then it’s best to consider garden lighting as part of the plan. It’s important to consider cabling and lighting controls as well as the position of the lights themselves. If you already have your garden completed and are installing lighting retrospectively, drawing up an installation plan is all you need to understand how it will all fit together.

How are garden lights installed?

You should always think about hiring a professional local electrician to help you with garden lighting installation. It can be a tricky business, especially on retrofitting projects. At Wired and Wonderful, we liaise with our client about the exterior source of power, then connect armoured cable to weatherproof junction boxes around the garden. Cabling is usually laid along the garden boundaries in a deep trench below ground to ensure they are not on show.

What can I do with a small budget?

There are many options to achieve something wonderful with a small budget. You might wish to consider adding lights to a doorway or single focal point to achieve both practicality and style. Consider opting for lighting closer to your house if you need to limit the amount you install, this will ensure you can use the space efficiently during the evenings.

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