Gone electric? Charge your vehicle at home with EV home charger installation


According to Zap Map, at the end of September 2022, there were more than 570,000 battery-electric cards on the roads of the UK. 2021 saw the biggest annual increase in the number of registrations showing a growth of 92% since 2020. Electrical vehicles are on the increase in the UK and our environment is thanking us for it!

One of the many questions that comes with making the leap into purchasing an electric vehicle is how you can go about charging it. It’s not as simple as charging your mobile phone, though it’s becoming more and more simple to do so. Electric vehicle charging points are now more widely available at service stations along the motorway, supermarket car parks and shopping centres. It’s now just as simple to install an EV home charging point for your new (or used!) electric vehicle.

How to charge an electric car at home

  1. We’d advise opting for EV home charger installation, this is often the fastest option and they come with built-in safety features.
  2. EV home charging points are compact and are weatherproof units mounted to a wall of your choosing with a connected charging cable and socket for plugging in your portable charging cable.
  3. EV home charger installation should be completed by a professional electrician service.

What are the benefits to charging at home?

Using a dedicated chargepoint instead of a 3 pin plug socket for regular charging has huge benefits for EV drivers, let’s take a look:

  1. Charging speeds – EV home charging points will charge your vehicle up to 3 times faster than a conventional 3 pin plug. For example, in a standard BMW i7 model, the EV home charging point completed in 15 hours as opposed to 46 hours from a 3 pin socket.
  2. Safety – EV home charging points are specifically designed for the level of charge required for your vehicle. They have withstood rigorous testing including heat testing to ensure regulatory standards are met.
  3. Ease – Charging from a 3 pin socket means you usually have to thread cabling through a door or window, which, let’s face it, can let out the heat in these colder months. A dedicated EV home charger installation will ensure ease of use when charging your vehicle.
  4. Sustainability – as the use of EVs continues to grow, dedicated charging points will likely solve more energy related challenges for drivers and networks that 3 pin points won’t be able to achieve.

Wired and Wonderful are registered installers of all Myenergi EV home charging points

We source chargers directly from the manufacturer to ensure a high quality service and product. Our team are highly trained electricians, friendly and reliable with health and safety compliance. We can provide EV home charger installation for both domestic and commercial clients.

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