Westminister LED cove lighting

High end bespoke LED cove lighting installation,

In this beautiful home in Westminster we designed and installed bespoke LED cove lighting, in none other than Winston Churchill’s old home.

This was expertly fitted by a friend of Robs who used to do install and make mouldings and cornices of all types.

Lennie and Jamie spent a whole week onsite just doing the cove and lighting installation.

The whole time being super careful not to damage the priceless hardwood flooring that had been fitted a few years earlier, while working at a height of 4.5 meters on a scaffold tower (not for the faint hearted).

This was operated and dimmed by a custom LED remote system we have made up to suit to match the clients existing accessories.

Previously we had installed LED strip lighting into a bespoke cabinet in the lounge made by Neville Johnson.

Our client was absolutely thrilled with the results, the whole project completed while the family were on holiday with minimal disruption to them.

We absolutely love doing these types of jobs!!