Wandsworth Common Ground Floor & Garden

Full house rewire and garden lighting installation.

This beautiful house in Wandsworth Common was rewired over the course of around 9 months.

First we did the 1st floor and loft extension, then the ground floor and ‘wrap around’ kitchen extension.

The clients gave us pretty much free reign on the lighting and power designs which was lovely for us.

We also assisted with some more functional design ideas such as how to install flush mounted TV’s and soundbars, electric vehicle charge points and concealed aircon systems.

We used lots of different types of light fittings with multiple switching options to give the clients lots of choice and different ‘scenes’ to choose from.

Recessed ground lights were used in the kitchen and massage room to provide warm, soft lighting while a ‘plaster in’ Led strip was fitted above the glass doors to provide a bit of a wow factor.

Garden lighting and water feature also installed to make the garden part of the living space and make the space useable all year round.

This is again our favourite type of projects where we are left to ‘do our thing’

wandsworth common lighting