Instances where you may require an emergency electrician


Whenever you require an emergency electrician, it can be a fairly stressful occasion, particularly if you have lost your power. However, there may be rare occasions where you’re not entirely sure as to what constitutes as a situation for an emergency electrician.

In our latest blog, we’ve put together a handy guide of typical instances where you might need emergency assistance.

Power failure

This is the loss of electrical power in your home or business, which means no lights, microwave, kettle, internet and some basics that we often take for granted until someone switches them off. This would certainly warrant seeking out your local emergency electrician in Wandsworth to come and find the fault for you.

Blown fuses

The inside of a fuse contains a metal ribbon through which all electrical current passes, but if too much current passes through the ribbon it can melt or ‘blow’ – this can be an emergency if it’s for a specialist piece of equipment that you rely on.

Suspicious burning smells

This might be the smell of a burning fuse and always best to ask for a local emergency electrician, Putney to come and check it out for you rather than investigating the issue yourself.


Any electrical item that sparks is usually cause for concern and definitely something that an emergency electrician can come and help you with. We’d advise to remove yourself away from any sparking equipment for your own safety. If you can safely turn off the power or the sparking item, then it’s best to do so. Leave well alone if you are unsure.

Storm damage

Following a storm comes the assessment of damage and this may have resulted in electrical lines bearing the brunt. Emergency electricians are often put to work for commercial businesses affected by post storm damage.

Generally speaking, if a client feels that their electrician problem is an emergency, then we will treat it as such. Wired and Wonderful are a local emergency electrician in Wandsworth and on hand for whatever life throws at you. You can find out more about this and our other electrician services by clicking here. For more general enquiries or to find us on social media, click here.